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Posted by , on Mar, 2016

Electricity is on everyone’s mind nowadays. Electricity powers our homes, our business, our schools, our computers, and all the little devices that make life what we know it as today. For some of us, it even powers our cars. That’s why having reliable electricity is so important now more than ever. Modern life would not be the same without it, and because of that people need the right equipment for the right electrical need. At Bruce Electric, we’re proud to carry all kinds of equipment from switches to dry type transformers to generators.

What is a Dry Type Transformer?

With today’s uncertain climate, weather-wise, it’s a good idea to be able to take as many precautions against unusual weather as possible to prevent and maintain a good connection to the electrical grid. You don’t want to be losing power when you don’t need to be! That’s why customers who learn about the existence of dry type transformers often choose to take advantage of it for two reasons. The first reason is that dry type transformers help to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazard conditions. That’s a big plus to the environmentally conscious business consumer. The second reason is that they function well in extreme climates while holding up to the demands of the electrical system. And with weather becoming extreme for parts of the years all over the world, dry transformers may become the wave of the future.

Why Buy One?

Dry type transformers are great because they don’t need much attention paid to them while giving you years of trouble-free service. That’s important to a business’ bottom line – getting the right equipment at the right time for the best results. An electrical design engineer needs to be given the best equipment affordable to make sure that a business doesn’t go down when it shouldn’t, and Bruce Electric’s dry type transformers can help with that. Though the transformer is only one cog in the vast machine that keeps a business afloat, it’s a pretty important one.

How to Buy One?

Dry type transformers, when a key component of any large scale computer system that is business-related, should be of the right type to fit the need. You should consider the transformer’s capacity, its voltage rating, its insulation system, its cores and coils, and its winding insulation system when deciding what to buy. Usually the part that is the most important is how the dry type transformer’s wires are insulated for various systems. There are several different choices each designed for different environments, so if you are not sure what you will need, the technicians at Bruce Electric will be happy to walk you through the choices to arrive at the correct decision for your business.

So if you have any kind of dry type transformer questions, or need anything electrical and live in the New York, NY area, call Bruce Electric and let us help you shine.

Dry type transformers require minimum maintenance to provide many years of reliable trouble-free service. Bruce electric is a leading dry type transformer supplier.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2016

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