Boost Brand Recognition with Promotional Umbrellas

Posted by , on Jul, 2017

Think about the sponsored events you have attended. You probably noticed brand or product placement at many. This is no coincidence. Events offer companies an excellent opportunity to boost their brand recognition. One tactic that could prove quite profitable for your business is the logo umbrella.

The concept is simple: emblazon your logo on umbrellas shielding tables from the sun at an event, or pass out customized golf umbrellas as part of a swag bag. Whether attendees get a bird’s eye view of your logo while they mingle and eat, or see it every time they use their golf umbrellas, you will position your company to remain in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Long Term Investment

A well-made logo umbrella that lasts for years leaves a good impression on users. They are likely to view your business as an organization that values professionalism and quality. Plus, umbrellas are not a fad item; they have been around for centuries and are a necessity in certain climates and urban areas. Unless they break, the umbrellas you give away should remain with attendees for years – showcasing your brand to anyone they encounter while using them. In this way, attendees give you valuable brand exposure without even fully realizing it, whether or not they have ever bought your products or used your services.

Creative Freedom

There are many different ways to customize a promotional umbrella. You can choose to get them emblazoned with your company name, logo, slogan, contact information, website URL or a combination of these items. You could even designate the color scheme of the overall design to mimic those of your logo. And you are not limited to golf umbrellas when you want to pass them out at events; you can get umbrellas designed in any size, from sweeping diameters suitable for golf to mini versions that can fit easily in a purse or briefcase.

Power in Numbers

Do not rule out the logo umbrella as a marketing tool for your business based on your perceived idea of cost. While customization generally costs a bit more than purchasing generic umbrellas, you can save considerably when you work with a wholesale supplier that offers discounts for high quantity orders. Make sure you find out the minimum order quantity the supplier dictates and confirm that they will provide you with a sample order so that you can be certain of the product quality.

You can benefit tremendously from leveraging promotional umbrellas as a marketing tool, setting up your company for years of brand recognition every time it rains.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2017

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