Benefits of Using Heating Oil in Norwich CT

Posted by , on Jul, 2014

Heating Oil in Norwich CT is an ideal fuel for heating your home. It is also usually much more affordable than the other options. It offers a much hotter flame, which is able to deliver more comfort in your home. Additionally, when you use heating oil, you will not be contributing to the methane emissions that occur when natural gas is used.

The specific benefits offered when you use heating oil are highlighted here.


Heating oil is considered a better value than traditional gas heat. Additionally, when you use heating oil, you will have more hot water, which ensures that your heater is faster and cheaper than the electric or gas options.


There is nothing that will meet the safety record that has been achieved by heating oil. It is not explosive and if the fumes are inhaled, they are not lethal. Additionally, if there is some type of malfunction with the system, there will be clear signs of the issue such as odors and smoke.


Due to the fact that Heating Oil in Norwich CT burns so cleanly, its emissions are not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act.


Heating oil is able to produce the hottest flame of any other home heating fuel that is available, which means that your home can be heated faster, while needing less fuel and ensuring that your home is more comfortable at all times.


There are currently 700 million barrels in reserve, which makes it the largest stockpile of an energy source in the entire world.

Personal Service

When you use heating oil, you will receive personalized service from heating oil companies. This also means that you never have to deal with the larger utility companies when it is time to pay your bill or in instances where you have a billing issue.

Chances are you may still have some questions regarding heating oil. You can get additional info here and find out if this is the right option for you and your needs. If you want a more economical option, then heating oil is definitely right for you.






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Posted by , on Jul, 2014

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