Benefits of Calling a Company that Handles Gas Furnace Repair in Manhattan

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

If you are experiencing any issues with the way your heating system is running, you should contact a professional who handles Gas Furnace Repair in Manhattan. By calling a professional to come and examine the situation, you will be able to have the problem fixed quickly and efficiently. This can be a great benefit when the weather is cold and you are in need of heat in your home.

Some of the most common repair issues many homeowners have with their heating systems are due to the unit not being cleaned on a regular basis. When a furnace is not cleaned, it can accumulate dirt in the air filter and other areas of the system. This dirt can become too much for the system to deal with and components may become strained or break. The unit will also pull extra power to operate, which can shorten the life of various element of the furnace as well.

To help avoid this type of situation, it is generally a good idea to have the system cleaned prior to the start of the winter season. This will allow a professional from a company who handles Gas Furnace Repair in Manhattan a chance to inspect the unit as well. Having this type of preseason maintenance done can often help in avoiding repair issues.

Most technicians will begin by inspecting the burner on the unit to determine if it is lighting up properly. If the burner ignites and the flames are blue and steady, the burner is working correctly. However, if the flames do not ignite, are orange or flicker the burner may be corroded with soot, dirt and other matter. This limits the amount of gas, which can flow through the tubes. To correct this, the technician will need to disassemble the complete burner and spend time cleaning out all the parts within it.

If the unit is not producing air, it may be a problem with the blower. The air filter should be checked and replaced if it is too dirty. If this does not correct the problem, the motor will need to be inspected as well as the fan and fan belt.

Keeping your furnace in good working condition is the best way to avoid repair issues. For more information, please Contact Excellent Air Conditioning and Heating Services Inc. You can also visit them on Facebook profile for more information.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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