Apartment Dwellers: Tips And Tricks For Using A Storage Unit In Las Vegas

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

Some people prefer living in apartments, but the space inside apartments can be limited. If a person starts to need more space, renting a Storage Unit in Las Vegas will help. Storage units are cheap options that can free a lot of space so that clutter is eliminated. Renting a storage unit is pretty straightforward, but the manager at the front desk usually doesn’t provide helpful tips that can make using storage much easier. All that most customers are presented with are rules and regulations. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find out which tips and tricks work the best for storage.

Whether using Canyon Road Self Storage in Las Vegas or another storage company to rent a Storage Unit in Las Vegas, it’s important to use pallets or shelves inside a storage unit. Items need to be kept off the floor. If the rented unit is directly connected to the outside, melting snow or rain may get inside the unit. The water can damage things that are left on the floor. Indoor units could suffer flooding because of spills in adjacent storage units. Items that are kept in sealed containers that are waterproof can be kept on the floor, but all other items should be elevated for protection. Keeping things at least six inches off the floor should be good enough.

There are other tips and tricks unit renters should follow. Wrapping items up in plastic wrap is a good way to protect them from dirt and dust. It will also stop any insects from getting into places where they don’t belong. Heavy-duty locks are a must, but not all locks are good for storage units. Locks with short arms are the best since they make it much harder to use bolt cutters. Locks can be either key locks or combination locks. Temperature-controlled units are best for storing things like electronics and any other items that might be sensitive to certain temperatures.

It seems that most people who rent units are only concerned about their property, but if the unit itself sustains damage during the rental period, a fine can be levied against the renter. Taking photographs of the inside of the unit before moving things inside can protect renters from false allegations. Click here for more information.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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