An Overview of Stainless Steel Fasteners

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Stainless steel fasteners are the toughest option for joining wood or metal. Millimeter by millimeter, stainless steel will outlast alloys and other similar metal products fabricated for the same purpose. Stainless steel fasteners in Grand Blanc, MI, are heftier, stronger and cost less in the long term. Also, using the correct type of fastener makes your job easier and ensures the result of your project is satisfactory to everyone.

Hexagon Head Bolts

There are a significant number of variations of stainless steel fasteners in Grand Blanc, MI, available, depending on what you need. Hexagon head bolts, for example, are differentiated by their grade or length. The starting grade is 30, and this increases by increments of five, until the maximum grade of 150.
Hexagon head bolts come in packets of 100 for the smaller ones and 50s and 25s for the longer and larger grades. Hexagon head screws, on the other hand, are graded from six to 50 and are sold in packets of 100. The grade is based on the hexagon screw diameter. There are also special diametrical units from 3/8 to 2 ½.

Nuts and Washers

Nuts and washers are just as essential as the bolts themselves. Screws do the actual self-fastening on the bolts and ensure a firm grip on two or more materials joined together per point. Hexagon standard nuts are graded from M 1.6 to M48 and by their pitch (M8 to M20). Variations, such as ANSI B18.6.3 to ANSI B18.2.2, are also available.
Grading for these nuts run the gamut from 2/56 to 1 ¾. Washers, on the other hand, provide tightening and bulk to the fasteners when needed. The grading system for washers begins with M3 and runs all the way to M48. These are sold in packets of 25, 50 and 100.
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Posted by , on Sep, 2018

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