Afraid of a Home Invasion? Contact a Locksmith in Niles to Feel Safer

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

With every news story about a home invasion, many people become more fearful. In order to calm their fears and ensure their security, homeowners should hire a locksmith service in Niles to perform a security audit on their home. The locksmith will ensure that there is a high-quality lock on every door and window. Most home invaders and burglars will enter a home through the front door. Therefore, it should be protected with a deadbolt lock that resists any attempt to pick it. Some locks have steel panels which make it difficult for an intruder to drill through the door.

The door that connects the home to the garage is generally a weak link in a home’s security. Builders often treat this as an interior door because the garage doors offer additional protection. However, homeowners and their children often forget to close the garage door. Most locks on these doors can be opened in seconds. Installing a deadbolt lock will foil most thieves. They will not want to spend the additional time to try to pick it.

The locksmith service in Niles will also carefully inspect the back door and any other entrances to the home. This could include a bulkhead that provides access to a crawl space or basement. He will also ensure that the bulkhead construction is strong enough to withstand any attempt to pry it open. If there is a door that separates the basement from the rest of the home, the locksmith may recommend that it also have a deadbolt lock installed on it. If an intruder does enter through a basement window or door, this can provide the family with time to call for help and flee the home.

Some homeowners only install window locks on first-floor windows. This is a mistake. Intruders can bring their own lightweight ladders. A tall tree with an overhanging branch can also provide access. The locksmith will recommend that all windows be fitted with appropriate locks. He may also recommend that the tree branch overhanging the roof be trimmed. The Amazing Lock Service is one of the security companies in Niles that helps homeowners stay safe. People can call them or visit their website to learn more.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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