Advantages of Converting Your Bathtub for the Mobility Impaired

Posted by , on Sep, 2018

Traditional bathtubs provide an unsafe environment for disabled individuals and seniors that have mobility issues. They may have a difficult time moving into or out of the tub to increase their chances of falling when trying to bathe. In some cases, the individual may suffer a balance problem that puts them at risk of slipping while in the tub. Hygiene is important, and a person should not avoid bathing simply because they are afraid of falling. Walk in bathtubs in Nassau, NY area can easily be installed in a home to provide the peace of mind required when a mobility impaired individual needs to bathe.

Pros of Purchasing a Walk-In Tub

* Some walk in bathtubs in Nassau, NY come with jets to provide hydrotherapy to manage pain.

* You do not require the assistance of another person to help you bathe.

* Puts your mind at ease and eliminates the fear of falling when you take a bath.
Loved ones will not worry.

* Reduces the risk of high hospital bills by decreasing the chance of an injury sustained from a fall.

* The ability to remain in your own home instead of entering an assisted living facility.

* Increases the value of the home and can be used as a selling point if you should ever decide to move.

Create a Safe Bathing Environment Today!

Alpha Care Supply offers a variety of products to help you achieve your goal in creating a safe way to take a bath. Their walk-in bathtubs provide the security you require to prevent unwanted falls when trying to take a bath. Whether you want to lower the threshold of a shower, install grab bars or convert your old tub. They can help achieve your goals in obtaining a quality bathtub at a reasonable price.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2018

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