Advantages of Adding Humidifiers to an HVAC System

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

Many people may find that being in a home with central heating and air conditioning can create an excessively dry atmosphere. Often, the lack of moisture in the air can create a number of problems for otherwise healthy people. However, for those who have asthma, allergies or other types of medical issues it can often make breathing very uncomfortable and difficult. Because of these issues, adding a Humidifier to the home’s HVAC system can be a good choice.

Dry air can make breathing hard for healthy people. It can often cause them to have dry eyes, nose and throat issues. This can be very uncomfortable, and unpleasant as well. In many cases, these conditions can trigger other issues such as sleep issues, headaches and more. When this type of situation occurs in a person’s home, it can be very upsetting. People who have other medical issues such as asthma, allergies and COPD often find dry air can make their conditions even worse. For these types of people, being in a home that has little moisture in the air can be unbearable. In these types of situations, it is important for a homeowner to consider adding a Humidifier to the HVAC system to eliminate the lack of moisture issues.

Many people may be leery of adding a humidifier because of mold and mildew fears. Many humidifying units in the past relied on reservoir tanks where water was stored and could stagnate. This could be the perfect grounds for mold and mildew to develop. However, today’s units to not generally use a reservoir. Instead, they use flow through technology so the water is in continual movement and this prevents mold and mildew from forming. This can make the use of a humidifier in the homes heating and cooling system a good option.

Adding moisture into the air will also make the home more comfortable in other ways as well. When skin is exposed to very dry conditions, it can become itchy and create other issues. Adding a bit of moisture will help eliminate this problem as well. For many households this can make it an excellent choice.

If you are considering adding a humidifier to your system, you should contact a professional for help making the choice. For more information, please visit

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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