A Sears Craftsman Dealer in Lincoln, NE Can Help Homeowners Choose a New Garage Door Opener

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

Most people don’t devote much thought to their garage door openers until there are problems. If a homeowner’s garage door opener suddenly fails, they’re probably looking for a new one. There are many choices available, but making the right selection from a Sears Craftsman Dealer in Lincoln NE, can be difficult. Below, homeowners can learn which areas to evaluate when choosing a new garage door opener.

Drive Styles in Modern Garage Door Openers

There are three different drive mechanisms that power most garage doors, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Below is a brief explanation of each type.

* Belt drives are the preferred choice because of their reliability and quiet operation, but those benefits come at a higher price. If the home’s garage is attached, a belt-drive opener may be worth the additional cost.

* A chain-driven opener is the most widely used type, and they’re less costly than belt-drive systems. Chain drives can accommodate garage doors of varying sizes, including those that are particularly large or heavy.

* Screw-driven doors include a combination of certain features of both the above types. They are quieter than chain-driven systems but less quiet than belt-driven ones are. These are regarded as being reliable and durable, and they’re ideally suited to doors that tilt open.

Power Considerations

Garage door openers come in varying power options, such as one-half, three-quarter, and one horsepower models. Smaller motors typically lift smaller doors, but larger motors are generally more reliable. Homeowners in Lincoln can Contact American Certified Services Inc. for help in choosing the right size motor for their needs and their garage door.

Battery Backup

A garage door opener with a battery backup feature makes it easier to close and open the door in the event of a power outage. For some homeowners, this is more of a want than a need. However, it may quickly rise to the level of a must-have if the power goes out and there’s no way to get in or out of the garage.

Garage door openers are designed for years of hassle-free operation, but problems do occasionally occur. If repair isn’t an option, make the above considerations when shopping for a new garage door opener from a Sears Craftsman Dealer in Lincoln NE.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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