A New Age of Advertising: 5 Reasons for Custom Virtual Reality Viewers

Posted by , on Apr, 2018

As virtual reality technology becomes more and more accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone, a myriad of new opportunities has developed in the worlds of gaming, medical sciences, computer technology, and, believe it or not, advertising.

A New Product

Thanks to the Google Cardboard VR, the idea of a “popup” virtual reality viewer has become more mainstream. Usually made from paper, cardboard, or similar materials, these viewers allow for custom, colorful printing and an inexpensive alternative to more sophisticated VR viewers with prohibitive costs.

Why to Print Your Own VR Viewers

1. They draw attention! VR technology is still novel enough to turn heads, and anyone utilizing one of these viewers will draw eyes from a crowd. Make sure that your logo is the first thing these eyes see while they’re marveling at such a trendy, portable VR viewer.

2. Be on top of the game. Offering a VR viewer covered with your company’s name is the perfect promotion to let the public know you are aware of technology’s latest and greatest. Taking advantage of this trend will give your brand a boost as a hip, savvy business.

3. Although cardboard and paper VR viewers have been around for awhile, the Google Cardboard VR has hugely popularized the paper virtual reality viewer, further encouraging the recent trend.

4. Anyone with a smartphone can use them! 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and those who don’t own one probably know someone who does. By making branded VR viewers that are accessible to such a huge percentage of the population, your brand will be sure to reach far.

5. Generate conversation! Anyone using a VR viewer in public is going to generate some buzz, and maybe even direct conversation! It never hurts for your logo to be present when people are interacting and making connections.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2018

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