A More Modern, More Flexible Sanctuary

Posted by , on Mar, 2018

Pews belong in a church and are responsible for a sanctuary’s classic look, right? Not necessarily! As churches across the country are modernized and streamlined for easier upkeep, more and more are choosing to utilize worship seating chairs instead. If you’re reluctant, consider some of the following reasons to make a change.

  1. Consider comfort. Visitors to your church will want to feel comfortable when attending services. By choosing worship seating chairs with characteristics both efficient and comfortable, you can appeal to both younger and older audiences at once. Younger individuals may appreciate the more modern appearance of worship seating chairs, while everyone will be glad for padded seats.

  2. The use of chairs rather than pews allows for more flexibility within your sanctuary. Will you have more people in attendance for an Easter or Christmas service? No problem! With the option to rearrange the chairs whenever and however you’d like, you can adjust your space to accommodate for any event.

  3. Pew repair can be inconvenient, to say the least. If one part of a pew is in need of attention, it can involve maintenance on the entire length of the pew—a major inconvenience in a pinch! This is yet another way that worship seating chairs can allow for flexibility in your church. If one chair breaks, no problem! Simply switch it out for a spare and no time is wasted.

  4. OnFaith documents one church’s indecision to switch from pews to chairs, while it indicates another interesting phenomenon—when a congregation was moved to worship at tables in a social hall, interactions were vastly different than they had been while seated in pews. Church-goers interacted more, broke old habits by sitting in new places, and lingered after worship for further fellowship.

If your church has decided to take the plunge into change, browse the worship seating chairs available at Integrity Furniture.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2018

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