A few tips for repairing dents in your car

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

When you drive off the new car dealer’s lot in your brand new vehicle it is as perfect as it will ever be. The moment the front wheels hit the street the car is exposed to all matter of things; anything from predicable wear and tear on such things as the tires to being bumped in a parking lot or worse, being involved in a collision. Depending on the problem you will have to choose from various companies that offer auto repair in Corvallis OR as no one shop can do it all.

Some dents in a car are large enough that they need specialized equipment in the hands of a skilled body mechanic to repair, others however can be removed with basic tools that most people have around their home. You may not believe this but one of the main ways to remove a dent is with a simple bathroom plunger. A plunger will actually create significant suction when depressed, all which has to be done is to square the plunger on the dented area, depress it to get decent vacuum and give it a good hard tug. Another common way to remove dents is with a hammer and dolly although this method is a little more complicated as you have to gain access to the back side of the dent. The dolly, which can be as simple as a wood block is placed against the dent, the dent is then carefully tapped out from the backside with a hammer.

This all sounds simple, the truth of the matter is different. Knocking out dents in your cars surface actually is quite complicated and involves mathematics. To remove a dent you must apply an equal and opposite force to that which caused the dent in the first place. This may work well on a large panel such as a door or quarter panel, but it can be very difficult if the damage is at or near a corner of the vehicle where the metal changes shape and direction quickly. In cases like this, mechanics skilled in body auto repair in Corvallis OR are best suited to do the job as they have specialist tools and techniques.

Although it may be possible to remove the dent, in many cases the paint surface will have been damaged. If this is the case you will need to visit a body shop so there is little reason to any of this work yourself, leave it all to the pro’s.

Body and paint auto repair in Corvallis OR is a specialty of Freebird Body & Paint. If you have been in a collision or your car body has been damaged in some manner you are welcome to bring it to Freebird; people in Corvallis have been doing just that since 1984. Click here to know more.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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