A Balanced Diet for Fido

Posted by , on Jan, 2018

Dogs are often more than just pets, and because of this, we treat them like family. When looking for the best food for their overall health, there are several factors to consider, and understanding dog nutrition is an essential part of the process.

Understanding Dog Nutrition

The digestive systems of dogs vary in many significant ways from humans and Fromm dog food in Jacksonville is one example of a comprehensive dog food that is aligned with the nutritional needs of your Florida dog. The heat of Florida and the high humidity create an environment that can be difficult for pets. The most balanced foods for dogs address all of their needs, and savvy pet owners look to Fromm dog food in Jacksonville to meet their pets’ needs.

Carbohydrates and Dogs

Many pet owners are not aware that dogs do not require any carbohydrates, as they are able to get all of their energy needs met with fat and protein. Carbohydrates will convert to sugar, and they are not harmful to dogs, but ultimately, they are unnecessary. Quality foods like those from Fromm run very low in carbohydrates, nearly eliminating them entirely.

What Role Does Protein Play in Dog Nutrition?

Dogs require essential amino acids that are provided in protein. The amino acids help to keep their fur healthy and maintained. Meat and dairy products are good options as they are easily digested, are efficiently turned into amino acids, and provide energy to the dog. Dogs in the south tend to get more year-round exercise than their northern counterparts; top nutrition is an important factor for a healthy Florida companion animal.

Ensure that Your Dog is Getting the Right Amount of Dietary Fat

Fat provides the majority of dogs’ energy needs, and a dog food that is well-balanced provides the adequate level of fat for the energy your dog needs. Fromm dog food in Jacksonville is an option for pet lovers in the area to ensure that their dog’s nutritional needs are being met.

Balancing enough fat, protein, and carbohydrate is essential to provide the proper amount of nutrition without overfeeding the dog. Unlike humans that require Omega-3, their furry companions need Omega-6 to stay healthy and vibrant.A well-balanced pet food such as Fromm addresses the many needs of our furry family members.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2018

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