5 Tips Before You Tie the Knot at the Courthouse

Posted by , on Mar, 2018

Planning for a courthouse wedding in San Antonio might not involve excessive trappings and elaborate setups. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be special and fun. Here are easy ways to help you tie the knot while keeping the occasion fun, memorable and sentimental:

Start a Pinterest page

With plenty of great ideas from Pinterest, you’re sure to get inspirations for everything—from the way you’ll style your hair to your wedding giveaways, souvenirs and even dream dress.

Send out invites

They can be simple and cute, something that reflects your personalities. For instance, if you both love to travel, why not use a travel-inspired theme for your decors at your post-wedding celebration venue? That should match very well with your wedding invites, says Elegant Wedding Invites.

Wear a dress

Put some time and thought in finding the perfect wedding dress. A good one can easily put you in the mood and help create the right vibe for the ceremony. Plus, wearing one often means you’ll look sensational in your photos and that’s something you—and hopefully, your kids and grandkids—will see years from now. That’s a good enough reason to spend money on the right dress.

Know the requirements

Be sure to come by before the wedding to talk about the requirements of a courthouse wedding in San Antonio. You’ll need to pick up your marriage license in advance as well. Some require prior appointments while some allow you to simply drop by and wait for the license. This will largely depend on where you are and when you’ll come by so factor those details in.

Plan a party

Once you’re married, plan a big party where all your friends and family can celebrate and mark the occasion of your wedding day. That’s an awesome way to start the first day of the rest of your lives.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2018

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