5 Things to Know about Botox Treatments

Posted by , on May, 2016

Deep, stubborn lines on your face can make you look way older than your real age. If you want to eliminate those lines, there are a number of ways you could resort to. One popular age-defying treatment is botox. Want to know more? Read on:

Botox myths

People used to believe that a botox treatment meant you had to forego a flight, can’t put your head down or apply makeup to the affected area. But these have been proven to be misconceptions. So long as your doctor gives you the go-ahead for these, there’s on reason why you can’t do them all.

Reduce bruising

Down arnica tabs can go a long way to reduce the bruising that’ll inevitably happen because of the treatment. Some doctors recommend that you take this in before and after your treatment for best results. However, make sure you check in with your own doctor before trying these out. You could be allergic, after all.

No gym

On the day of your treatment, remember not to go for an exercise. Don’t hit the gym since this can worsen the bruising you’ll end up with after the botox treatment.

Skip the blood thinners

Keep away from all the the aspirin, Motrin or ibuprofen as well as omega 3s an entire week before your date of treatment. If you don’t, you’ll like end up with extensive bruising.

Get less, not more

Don’t overdo it. You might need so much less than what you thought so go for light treatments. Worried that you might end up looking unnaturally still, your muscles all stiff? Make sure you find a reliable center that provides Botox in Grand Rapids. Consult your doctor carefully about what you want and how much dosage is actually enough for you. Just remember that botox won’t be able to cure lines caused by exposure to UV rays, though.

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Posted by , on May, 2016

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