4 Web Design Mistakes Killing Your Traffic and Conversions

Posted by , on Apr, 2017

Poor site design is just one of the many reasons your pages are generating next to zero traffic and conversions. Here are some other design mistakes that you are making:

Cluttered Design    

If there’s simply too much going on, customers are going to have a hard time focusing on each of those elements. That could make for a confusing navigational experience. A simple design works best. Hire a web design service in Fort Lauderdale to help you figure out which designs work best for your brand and business.

Minimalist Trend

On the other hand, some sites take minimalism too far. Done right, it could deliver the right experience for your consumers. Done badly, though, it could leave your site cryptic and empty with next to nothing going on, the Usability Geek says. If your customers don’t have a clear idea where to go or what to do, a redesign is in order.

Missing CTA    

Your call-to-action or CTA is key in ensuring customers take the final plunge and say “Yes” to your services or products. However, if you don’t have one, if yours is confusing or it’s put in the wrong spot, that could hurt the buying momentum and result in poor conversions and sales. An experienced web design firm in Fort Lauderdale can help undo the damage so you can finally have working CTAs.

Not Responsive

Given how much time people spend on mobile phones and tablets, it’s exceptionally important to make sure your pages are responsive. It’s going to be a nightmare for your customers to navigate your pages if they aren’t optimized for mobile. By hiring a site design firm, you can finally upgrade your pages and get the level and quality of responsiveness your customers will love. Follow us on twitter

Final Tip

Don’t let poor design compromise your ROI. Reach out to site design pros for help.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2017

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