4 Ways Children Can Benefit from Youth Ministry

Posted by , on Apr, 2018

Churches in Detroit are more than a weekly obligation—they might just be one of the best resources for your children! Beyond the typical worship services held in church each Sunday morning, a variety of other programs exist to guide children and adolescents in their growth. Youth groups and other youth services provided by local churches include:

1. Youth ministry, while still important on Sundays, is often provided on Wednesday evenings or other nights of the week, allowing Christian adolescents their own space to ask questions and grow in their faith. Having a time separate from adult worship can provide a sense of safety and security that allows teens to open up about their age-sensitive concerns while also connecting socially with their peers.

2. Social events within a church’s youth ministry are an opportunity for your kids to experience spiritual and friendly time with one another aside from events that occur on Sunday morning. Making friends within a group like a church’s youth ministry can provide a sense of pride and belonging which will boost your child’s self-esteem and encourage their spiritual and emotional development.

3. Extracurricular hobbies directed by a church provide teens with an opportunity to engage in activities beyond those provided by their school. For example, churches in Detroit often provide opportunities for their youth to participate in recreational sports programs.

4. Churches are often open to the possibility of their younger members participating in larger services on Sunday morning. If your child feels particularly led or inspired, inquire about the opportunity for them to share their musical, spoken, or artistic talent with the rest of the congregation. This inclusion can do wonders to help them feel included and important within their community while also engraining in them the joy and importance of worshiping the Lord.

Is there something your child is interested in that’s not listed above? Ask the many churches in Detroit whether or not they can provide you with the appropriate resources! Church leadership is often a fantastic resource for community opportunities.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2018

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