4 Key Reasons To Attend Our Data Science Boot Camp

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

For those interested in gaining top class educational experiences in the field of data science, data analytics, and big data, we invite you to attend our data science boot camp program in New York.

Not only is our program very highly regarded in the business sector, but we are also partnering with many different companies who will recruit from our program, highly qualified graduates that have helped us to build a stellar reputation. Our training will allow you to learn the basics and beyond in the data analytics field, and allow you to be fully prepared to go through the interview process, find a job you want, and be prepared to start work on the first day.

In addition to our reputation for graduating highly qualified Certified Data Analytics Practitioners (CDAP), we also think there are at least four other reasons you should plan to attend.

1. Carefully Selected Students and Classes

Unlike some programs, we carefully screen applicants to our data science boot camp program. This means we ask you to submit an application, complete a personality test and also meet with us in person for a pre-selection interview.

This process allows us to create a top cohort of students for every program, and also to ensure our students have the necessary prerequisites to be successful through the program.

2. Intensive 12 Week Training

With our intensive 12-week full time immersion training, you will develop a real world experience in working with data in a format that builds on knowledge to move from the basic to the advanced. With this intensive focus, you will be able to gain the knowledge and experience you need to be able to start working in the field of data analytics when the program is completed.

3. Highly Recognized Trainers and Faculty

Our faculty consists of professionals with remarkable and significant careers in the area of business management, IT, digital strategy, social media marketing, and in data analytics and big data.

Our entire faculty has been involved in the field of big data and data analytics for some of the major corporations and businesses in the United States. They bring this knowledge, as well as their current insight into the field, to their students to assist in building real world understanding.

4. Exceptional Career Services Department

Another important distinction with our data science boot camp is that we provide our students with job placement support through our career services department. We will work with you to assist in finding the right job, and we host several networking and career events to help you to meet potential employers.

Last, and certainly not least, is the fact that our data science boot camp is in New York. For residents of the city this makes training convenient, and for those from out of the city or even out of the state you will always have something to see and do in your spare time. Click here to know more.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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