3 Ways Marriage Counseling Can Help You

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

The decision to go to marriage counseling is an important one. Finding the right source of counseling can be challenging, but well worth it. Below are three ways that marriage counseling can help you in your relationship.

  1. Marriage Counseling Helps You Listen to Each Other
    The person you are married to means a lot to you and you are very close to them. That being said, it is not uncommon for married people to fight or to be defensive with each other. When you are defensive, it is usually because you are feeling unsafe and it is harder to listen in this mode. When you are meeting with a marriage counseling therapist, you and your spouse will find yourselves on more of an even playing field and you will be in a position to get the support you need.
  2. Marriage Counseling Helps You Solve Problems
    According to the Mayo Clinic page on marriage counseling, “Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.” As your relationship evolves, problems may arise that require you to go in for marriage counseling. Therapists at the clinic or center you choose will be there to help you solve your problems, and they will have seen a wide variety of the challenges that can arise in a marriage. Whether it be related to communication, intimacy, or future goals, a marriage counselor can support you in building your problem-solving skills as a couple.
  3. Marriage Counseling Helps You Heal the Past
    All of us have had experiences in the past that were difficult. When you get married, you bring these experiences with you. Some people call this baggage, which has a negative connotation, and also is not entirely accurate, because while difficult, these past experiences are places where your relationship can grow. The things that challenge us can help us to see ourselves and others more clearly when accessed in the safe, supportive, and open space of a marriage counseling center.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand why you might need to go for marriage counseling, what the therapists can provide for you, and the type of personal work involved. Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City can be an excellent resource to you when you need marriage counseling. Marriage counseling can be an important step in the preservation and growth of your relationship. Visit here for more details.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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