3 Tips for Conceptual Development of Your Tradeshow Booth

Posted by , on Aug, 2017

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of construction and booth dimensions, conceptualizing your trade show display for NYC is essential. The key word here is concept. You can’t just rush into a booth design without a creative plan. Here are a few tips about how to successfully brainstorm a booth that has style.

1. Don’t Hammer It Home

One of the biggest faux pas that companies commit with tradeshow booths is hammering their brand home too hard. It’s easy to just throw up your logo everywhere. The fact of the matter is that it’s going to get lost in the crowd, because there’s nothing original or innovative about it. You can stamp your logo anywhere you want, but unless there’s a clever concept tied to give your marketing style, it’s lost in the ether. When you sit down to plan your booth, think not only about the importance of brand identity and how to convey it, but also how it functions within a three-dimensional space. How do you want the visitor to experience your brand?

2. Individuality is Everything

Individuality is everything for a trade show display in NYC, and that means customization. Trade show booth designers are used to this. For example, Nimlok starts every client job with a customized approach, right down to the types of metals used. This goes for both large and small businesses. When you’re brainstorming a booth style, don’t forget to connect materials with your brand identity. This is as simple as color match-ups, but also how a metal reads in a booth. Every detail matters.

3. Review Your Own Mission Statement

If you need a jumping off point in your booth conception, try reviewing your own mission or branding statement while integrating eye-catching details. Brand Watch suggests using bright colors, but make sure that this matches up to your official aesthetic. This can help guide you in a conceptual direction and introduce new ideas as you plan how to convey your brand identity into a tangible display.

Although trade show booth creation is a process that ends up with fabricators and designers, the key to a successful final product is the idea behind it. Be prepared to get creative when it comes to booth design.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2017

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