3 Things That Plumbers in Azle Texas Will Tell You Should Never be Flushed

Posted by , on May, 2015

People sometimes take bathrooms for granted, but you always want to be certain that you are not clogging up our toilets. Materials that clog toilets are often overlooked and this leads to problems with flushing that could have been prevented. To avoid clogging, there are 3 things that Plumbers in Azle TX and Ace Repair Plumbing will tell you that you should not flush.

Feminine hygiene, baby and paper products

Plumbers in Azle TX especially recommend against flushing hygiene products. Among these products are bathroom and baby wipes which some people consider flushable. In fact, advertisers often encourage the consumer to flush these products. However, Ace Plumbing recommends against this as it could be a nightmare waiting to happen when it comes to clogging and creating back-ups in sewer and septic systems. Diapers, like bathroom wipes, have been said to be biodegradable and some take this to mean they are flushable. Like bathroom wipes, you need to keep them away from the toilet.

Cooking oils and grease

Flushing cooking waste is also a big problem. Cooking oil usually solidifies causing plumbing to clog up. Again like, hygiene products, there is a myth surrounding cooking oils that says that they can be flushed using hot-water. This only pushes it further down the drain but does not get rid of the cooking oils. Not only can this clog your drain, but food particle trapped in your plumbing can lead to bad smells in your home.

Prescription Medication

Unused and old prescription medication is sometimes flushed down the toilet by people who do not know how to properly dispose of them. In reality, these medications can contaminate water supplies and hurt wildlife. It is encouraged to find a different way to dispose of your medication. Some local government agencies, hospitals and pharmacies will collect and dispose of these properly.

Ultimately, any paper product, hygiene or cooking waste material is discouraged and should not be flushed to prevent unwanted back-ups. If you have any concerns about plumbing and what not to flush ask the Plumbers in Azle TX. And remember, when it comes to flushing, toilet paper is the only way to go.

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Posted by , on May, 2015

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