3 Major Companies That Attain Significant Profit from Printing Catalogs

Posted by , on Aug, 2014

Printing catalogues makes for big business for some of today’s hottest companies. The reasons why they benefit are innumerable, but the thing that keeps them going strong is the profit generated. Here, we’ll take a quick look at three very different companies and examine how each one benefits from printing catalogs.


Product: High-Quality Apparel

In their words: “Our J.Crew catalog provides a branding vehicle that supports all channels of distribution.”

What works for them: J.Crew sees their written media as an extension of their brand. They hold precise standards as to what makes the cut in their advertisements. Moreover, they’re experts at providing teasers that bring people to their website. They lean towards thicker paper with a semi-gloss finish.

Harry & David

Product: Gourmet gifts

In their words: “…it’s more experiential and not just advertising.”

What works for them: Harry & David pride themselves in being a consumer-friendly brand with feel-good vibes, which pairs well with their healthy appeal. As such, their catalogs are filled with light-hearted things and often charitable themes. They primarily use their print media to direct consumers to their website and app. They also use a glossier finish and create thinner booklets that display a partial sampling of what they offer.

Harbor Freight Tools

Product: Value-Priced Tools

In their words: “Harbor Freight Tools has become the leading discount tool retailer in the United States.”

What works for them: Harbor Freight Tools utilizes their written media to drive sales. Their catalog is printed in newspaper form, which gives it a no-nonsense look and nearly calls out “discount.” It’s packed with a wide variety of tools for everyday and specialty use. The company began as an exclusively mail-order business, but it has grown to include brick and mortar stores as well as online sales.

As you can see, each company has chosen an effective and unique strategy for driving sales through their literature. What works for Harbor Freight Tools would most likely bomb with the J.Crew crowd and vice versa. It’s clear that these examples have done their homework in distinguishing a target audience, as well as a brand identity, and they have hit a home run with their efforts. Not only do they design their content around specific groups of people, but they also have taken great care to select custom options for their literature, such as paper, gloss and style, that helps them project the image they want. These professional results, like Arandell delivers, are tailored to meet a company’s desired outcome. When combined with a comprehensive marketing plan and specific goals in mind, sales-related literature can be pure gold for the bottom line.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2014

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