3 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Posted by , on May, 2018

For those unfamiliar with reverse osmosis, it is a type of water purification technology which allows for the removal of various dissolved and suspended species from water, including bacteria. A reverse osmosis system utilizes chemical and physical properties and a semipermeable membrane to apply pressure which results in the pure solvent (water) residing on one side of the membrane while the particle-heavy solvent remains on the other side.

Science aside, you may be wondering how the process of reverse osmosis can affect your daily life and the quality of your drinking water. Below are three benefits of using a reverse osmosis system in your home to purify your tap water.

1. Livestrong recalls the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s information which states that reverse osmosis can successfully remove lead from water so that it is safe for consumption.

2. The reverse osmosis process allows for flexibility during camping trips or other times when potable water may not be guaranteed. If you live in an area where pesticides and herbicides are heavily used, for example, a reverse osmosis system can guarantee safe drinking water. The U.S. military has even used these systems to turn salt water into fresh water for the troops!

3. Not only can reverse osmosis remove unhealthy minerals from water, but it can also rid water of bacteria and even parasites. According to the CDC, reverse osmosis filters are capable of protecting against Cryptosporidium, a type of parasite which can sometimes be found in water and which can cause severe diarrheal illness if ingested.

Just because you live in an area where fresh water is readily available and where aquatic parasites don’t run rampant, acquiring a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water can be a smart decision in order to guarantee that you have the cleanest, purest water available.

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Posted by , on May, 2018

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