3 Advantages of Shared Workspace in NYC

Posted by , on Aug, 2018

Have you heard about the benefits of shared workspace in NYC? According to recent reports, shared workspace is on the rise. This option is attractive to business owners of all sizes because of the flexible options and of course the affordability.

Taking Advantage

There are several clear advantages to shared workspace in NYC that is hard to find with any other type of space agreement. Traditionally renting office space in NYC meant, dealing with high costs and huge amounts of competition. For many business owners renting space in the city was simply not feasible. Sharing space has changed all that. Three clear advantages of sharing space instead of leasing space are:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Use flexibility
  3. Less stress


One of the biggest advantages is the cost savings. The fact is renting a space in Manhattan can be ridiculously expensive and chockful of caveats that are not in place to benefit the business owner. With shared space options you pay only for what you uses and you only pay a fraction of the costs. It is a cost effective option that makes complete sense.

Use Flexibility

What if you only need the space a few days a month? What if you need it for one month or a week or a couple of days? Should you lease an entire space? The answer is why would you when you can have flexible use options? Flexibility empowers your business.

The No Stress Option

Leasing a space is very stressful! You have to worry about furnishing it, making high monthly payments, damage issues and more. It is a lot to take on. Avoid the stress with a shared workspace from Sage Workspace NYC. It is the sensible choice that will give you the advantage you need to pull ahead from the rest of the pack.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2018

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