10 Texting Rules If You’re Single and Dating Around

Posted by , on Nov, 2017

On your way to the first date your matchmaker has set you up with? Or maybe you’re thinking about going on a second date? Here are a 10 texting rules for dating singles you should know:

Text if you’re late

If you’re going to be late for your date—you ran into unexpected traffic or had to deal with a last-minute deadline—text that you’re going to be late. It’s the considerate thing to do.

Never text while on a date

You want to put you undivided attention on your date. Answering a text or call is a huge no-no.


If you go beyond 4 texts, you might want to stop texting and start calling. A call can make it easier for you both to get to know each other better.

Think before you send

Don’t send a text reporting every minute of your day. If it doesn’t affect your date in any way, skip it.

Don’t assume

Don’t assume that your date doesn’t text or call because s/he doesn’t like you. Your date might have his/her own reasons, says the Huffington Post. Put those assumptions to rest by calling or texting yourself.

Don’t send sexy photos

Don’t send intimate photos if the other party didn’t ask for them—and even then. You might find yourself humiliated.

Be careful with your tone

Words can come out curt in text. Watch your tone to eliminate any unintended sarcasm or curtness that could hurt your date.

Asking for a date

Call if you’re going to ask for a date. Don’t text.

Learn to wait

Not everyone can reply within seconds. Be patient.

Steer clear of your phone

Take a step back from your phone if you’re drunk and likely to say something your date might not like.
With these 10 texting rules for dating singles, you’ll be much better equipped to go on dates prepared by your matchmaker.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2017

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