Top Three Reasons To Choose A Brazilian Keratin Treatment Over Chemical Alternatives

Posted by , on Jan, 2017

As trends in hair styles change, so too do the procedures commonly used in salons and homes across the country. Where curls one ruled the fashion magazines, pin straight hair is now the preferred style of fashion-minded consumers. While flat irons and blowouts can provide straight hair in the short run, they aren’t always strong enough to hold. This has left many women looking to chemical treatments to provide a more long lasting solution. However, there is a non-chemical option, one that provides the same results but without those harsh products. Here are the top three reasons to choose a Brazilian Keratin treatment over chemical alternatives.

Reason #1: Chemicals Will Damage Your Hair

The products used in chemical straightening treatments have been shown to cause lasting damage to your hair. Side effects such as dull hair, split ends, and even hair loss can occur. Even using nothing more than a flat iron can still cause permanent damage to the structure of your hair, weakening it and causing it to look dull and unhealthy. Treating your hair with Brazilian keratin, on the other hand, produces the same long lasting, straight results, without causing irreparable harm to your hair.

Reason #2: Brazilian Keratin Won’t Change Your Hair

Chemical treatments change the structure of your hair, making it feel course and rough to the touch. As these treatments straighten your hair, they also strip it of its nutrients, making it look unhealthy, especially with repeated use. Brazilian Keratin doesn’t change the structure of the hair at all, leaving it soft and healthy. This also means that Brazilian Keratin will eventually wash out, after about four months, restoring your hair to its naturally curly state.

Reason #3: Hidden Perks

There are a few hidden benefits of getting this type of treatment, in addition to having long lasting, straight, and healthy looking hair. Brazilian Keratin protects the hair against harmful UV rays, chlorinated water, and salt water. This makes it an ideal treatment to receive prior on taking any vacation.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2017

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