Jarritos Distributors in Connecticut Offer Somewhat Unusual Fruit Flavors for Soda

Posted by , on Dec, 2017

Jarritos Distributors in Connecticut provide carbonated soft drinks from Mexico. Many people prefer these beverages over the well-known commercial brands made in the United States because they contain real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. The drinks also are available in several flavors that are uncommon in U.S. soda brands. Pineapple and strawberry are examples.


Some of the flavors available from jarritos distributors in Connecticut may even be a little mysterious to U.S. residents. How many people in the U.S. are familiar with tamarind, for instance? This somewhat odd food item is both a legume and a fruit that grows inside a tree pod. It has a tart flavor that some people describe as sour, while also saying the fruit is sweet. This complexity makes an intriguing flavor for a soft drink.

Interestingly, tamarind is the second most popular Jarritos flavor. Only mandarin sells more. Consumers can expect mandarin soda to taste somewhat different than the orange soda flavors they have been drinking previously.


Guava is probably less puzzling to most U.S. consumers than tamarind is, but many probably still couldn’t identify this fruit in a grocery store. They may have tasted it as part of a fruit juice blend. This fruit is significantly sweeter than tamarind and it comes in several types, similar to apples and pears. They are green outside and pink inside, so the soda is pink too.


This fruit, and particularly the juice, has become more recognizable over recent years in North America, but it’s still unusual to find a mango-flavored soda. They taste somewhat like papaya, and they are a member of the same botanical family that includes pistachios and cashews. That may seem strange, but consider that peaches are in the same botanical family as almonds are.

Other Flavors

Jarritos also produces soda in the more familiar grapefruit, lime and fruit punch flavors, as well as a few others. All the fruit flavors represent foods that are actually grown in Mexico, as well as in other tropical and semi-tropical regions. Restaurants and grocery stores that want to sell the soda may contact us after checking out the Best Mexican Foods website.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2017

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