Hiring a Criminal Attorney in Royse City, TX

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

A criminal attorney in Royse City, TX provides legal services for a person accused of a crime, including felonies such as murder, manslaughter, rape, extortion or domestic violence, among others. This is because a person who is accused of these crimes could face severe penalties. In addition to protecting your rights, they will represent you before the court.

After a person is imputed to such charges, the next step is the judgment. This is where the criminal lawyer who represents his or her client is also responsible for defending him or her from accusations and crimes. From this point, there may be a sentencing phase, which is the part of the trial where the accused is handed their sentence.

A criminal lawyer deals with crimes of different areas, such as the following:

* Crimes against honor and privacy, such as burglary, libel and slander.

* Crimes against the family, and domestic violence, non-payment of pensions and child abduction.

* Crimes against persons, including battering, murder and manslaughter.

* Crimes against freedom, illegal detention, coercion and threats against sexual freedom, harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse.

* Crimes against officials such as embezzlement, bribery, fraud, breach of trust and influence peddling.

* Crimes against public health, such as drug trafficking.

* Crimes committed within a company or partnership. This covers unfair competition, corporate failures, fraud and those that violate or go against the rights of workers.

* Crimes of traffic, such as injuries, speeding, manslaughter or omission relief.

* Crimes against property, such as robbery, theft, fraud, fraud, forgery and misappropriation among others.

An attorney in Royse City, TX is responsible for protecting your rights. Even if you are arrested, you should never be deprived of your constitutional rights. They also handle and represent those people accused of a crime, defending the individual at the trial. They may also find an agreement with the prosecutor, in the event that the defendant admits guilt. This may help the lawyer get a more lenient sentence and the best deal for his or her client. Has this short post helped you understand the roles of your attorney in Royse City, TX? If not, contact Law Offices of Tim Hartley in Royse City today.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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