Hardboard’s Handiness

Posted by , on Mar, 2018

In an era of glamor and constant innovation, it can be easy to take the inconspicuous things in life for granted. One of these examples is the ever-endurant hardboard. Hardboard is a renewable resource that can be found all over the place, both in your home and in the manufacturing industry.

From desks to half-pipes to artistry, hardboard is an all-purpose material that easily stands the test of time. In a testament to its versatility, hardboard is also the material used in the fibre drums used in shipping these and many other products.

The Difference a Letter can Make

Though their names are quite similar, cardboard and hardboard are two vastly different products. Hardboard is a much sturdier material, able to withstand impact, pressure, and even liquids in a higher capacity than its more familiar cousin. As mentioned previously, fibre drums are renowned for their many benefits.

  • It has been shown to be economically efficient. Not only are the materials themselves cheap to produce, but they are light as well, thereby influencing the total cost of shipping by a lesser amount.
  • To the great surprise of many, hardboard can withstand harsh outdoor storage in most conditions. The IPA has spoken on this topic.
  • It is a surprisingly durable product, not requiring any additional support aside from the outer rims. This ease of use leads to more efficient storage and cheaper production, with many hardboard products being uniform and stackable.

Necessity and Convenience

Hardboard is a fantastic invention with a limitless variety in its usage. Rarely is it optimized into a different form like many other technologies and tools before it. Instead, people see fit to find new and inspiring uses. It deserves proper respect because industry would likely be much worse off without it.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2018

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