For Repairs to Overhead Garage Doors in Bonita Springs, Contacting a Professional is Best

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

Many homeowners who use their Overhead Garage Doors Bonita Springs on a regular basis may have issues with the door opening and shutting. This can occur because most garage doors are quite heavy and regularly opening and shutting the door can put a strain on various components of the door. When this type of situation occurs, it is generally best to contact a professional to inspect the door and make any repairs required.

One of the first things a repair person will need to examine is the springs and cables on the door. These components hold the weight of the door as it moves open and closed. For safety reasons, these elements need to be inspected before any other work is done on the door.

The most common issue to cause a door to not move correctly is the hardware on the door. Overhead Garage Doors Bonita Springs generally are guided up and down by the use of rollers and tracks. The rollers are attached to the ends of the door panels. Tracks are placed along the entryway of the door. The rollers fit into the tracks, and this keeps them moving smoothly. However, if there is a problem with either component it can stop the door from being able to move.

A technician will spend some time inspecting the rollers on the door. Many times a roller can become damaged or lost, and this will cause the door to be unable to move. Simply replacing the roller can often fix the problem.

The tracks can also be the cause of Overhead Garage Doors Bonita Springs being unable to move. Tracks can become dirty, and if the buildup is too severe, it can block the rollers from moving. A technician will be able to correct this issue. Tracks should also be examined to ensure they are not damaged. Sometimes minor dents can be smoothed out using a rubber mallet. However, if the damage is too severe the technician may need to replace all or part of the unit.

When your garage door is not functioning as it should be, it can result in many inconveniences for everyone in the household. Calling a company like Garage Doors By Roy North Inc. can be a good way to have the issue corrected.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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