Can Your Local Dentist in Oyster Bay NY Help With a Toothache?

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When you are experiencing dental pain, the only thing you probably think about is getting rid of said pain at any cost. However, you should be weary of using home remedies and instead seek the advice of your local Dentist in Oyster Bay NY. There are plenty of ways you can relieve dental pain, but it is important you choose the remedy best for you.

Antibiotics are necessary only if the pain is caused by an infection and only if the doctor or dentist can diagnose infection. It is then they will prescribe the most appropriate antibiotic to treat your problem; otherwise you would be introducing a foreign chemical in the body with potential side effects. This will do you no good and may even cause additional problems, which usually arise from the irrational use of antibiotics. Things like antibiotic resistance can make it harder to treat the problem. It is very clear that to administer an antibiotic, the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY must always find infection.

Other remedies that can be found in the pharmacy are bought without a prescription and can relieve toothaches. These are creams, gels and sprays with local anesthetics, mainly benzocaine and lidocaine. Topical application of these active ingredients can produce instant relief and, in many cases, can be combined with anti-inflammatories.

Some home remedies can relieve mild to moderate dental pain. Mouthwashes with warm salt water or diluted hydrogen peroxide can relieve toothache and can be done as many times as needed throughout the day. However, you must remember that these can cause irritation and possibly ulcers. Sometimes a good brushing and flossing can miraculously and completely remove the pain. This is the case if it the dental pain was due to food particles embedded in the teeth or gums. Browse website for more information.

You can also relieve toothaches by applying an ice pack or compress, never using ice directly (always wrap it in cloth). This intense cold numbs the nerve endings in the area. In many patients, a toothache can be reduced effectively with natural and herbal remedies. Chewed leaves of mint and ginger root can also be used. Contact the Locust Valley Dental Group to learn more.



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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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