Benefits of Hiring a Heating Service in Lewes DE for Pre Season Maintenance

Posted by , on Jul, 2014

Every year before the cold of winter begins, it is important for a homeowner to have a professional Heating Service in Lewes DE come out to inspect his or her home’s heating system. By doing this before the cold weather sets in a homeowner can be sure the unit is working well and will be ready for use when the temperatures outside begin to decline.

One of the main things a technician will need to spend time doing is cleaning the unit. Often they will begin by checking the condition of the burner on the system. Generally, if the heat is switched on the technician from a Heating Service in Lewes DE will be able to evaluate the condition of the burner by the color of the flames on the burner. If they are blue and steady, the unit is functioning well. If not, the unit most likely will need to be disassembled and all the various parts in the unit will need to be cleaned with a wire brush.

The blower is another unit on the system the repair person will need to spend time cleaning. Blowers tend to collect a good amount of dirt and other matter. Often the technician will need to vacuum the unit inside and out to remove the buildup of dirt. The air filter on this system will also need to be inspected and replaced if it is dirty. Air filters should be checked on a regular basis to ensure the filter is clean at all times. This will help the system run better and more cost efficiently.

The blower is powered by a motor. The motor should always be inspected to ensure there are no signs of damage or loose connections. If these problems are not attended to promptly, it can pose a danger to those who live in the home. The motor may also need oil if it does not have sealed bearings.

The motor is used to power the fan and fan belt. These elements can frequently become damaged or cracked. When this happens, it can cause the system to stop working correctly. Because of this, if there are any signs of problems, the technician will replace these units. Browse our website




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Posted by , on Jul, 2014

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